Welcome by Cardinal Pell


cardinal pell

Welcome to our newly completed Benedict XVI Retreat Centre, a wonderful initiative of the Archdiocese of Sydney and the Catholic Education Office. The Centre  will provide a peaceful bushland setting in which members of the Catholic community from our schools and parishes can deepen their faith and their commitment to Christ and the mission of His Church. I trust the facilities will support the needs of all who come here and wish each group well as they enjoy all that the Centre has to offer, both practically and spiritually.


                      - Cardinal George Pell








Welcome by Dan White



The Catholic Education Office, Sydney, is excited and honoured to have partnered with the Archdiocese of Sydney in the planning and construction of the Benedict XVI Retreat Centre. Pope Benedict’s call to the youth of Australia to actively engage in the life of the Church was an important stimulus for this project. The World Youth Day experience in Sydney clearly demonstrated that our young people’s deep sense of Catholic spirituality is affirmed and enriched when they can communally gather with like-minded ‘pilgrims’ in their journey in faith. It is hoped the wonderful facilities of the new Centre will provide an opportunity for all who seek the Lord, to hear the ‘whispers of God’ in their lives.



                           - Dr Dan White
                             Executive Director of Catholic Schools